Since receiving my massage license in 2011 from Connecting Point School of Massage in Telluride, CO, I continue to gain more education and share my knowledge to students both local and abroad:

  • 2014 I received certificate in Traditional Thai Massage, studying with Integral Travel in Thailand and Bali
  • 2015, 2016  I taught Thai massage and Swedish massage at Connecting Point School of Massage and Spa Therapies in Telluride
  • 2015 I completed Jill Lawson’s 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • 2016  Studied at Baan Hom Samunphrai School; Thai Foot Reflexology and Thai Herbal Therapies
  • 2016 I assisted 3 weeks of teaching Thai Massage with Integral Travel in Thailand
  • 2016 Completed Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training led by Monica Mesa
  • 2017 I led and taught Integral Travel's Thai Massage certification program in Southern Thailand
  • 2017 Trained with Ohm Rinraya at Omsala, Chiang Mai, Thailand abdominal massage called Chi Nei Tsang I-II 
  • Additional continuing education and interests include energy medicine and herbal medicine.

In 2000, I graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Biology, emphasis in Biological Resources. I have served all over the country in environmental education, river guiding, wildlife and botanical surveying, native plant research, trail building and crew leading. I served 2 years in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer and 4 seasons as Interpretive Ranger at Mesa Verde National Park.

 My travels to Asia and South and Central America in pursuit of learning, healing, spiritual journeys, and non-profit work have enriched my soul and contributed to the work I offer through my hands and heart.  I am passionate about connecting others to the earth and their higher self. 

                                                                                                          photo by Reginald Green

                                                                                                          photo by Reginald Green

I have traveled many places in this world.  I have turned over many a decaying leaf to look at the seedlings underneath.  What I’ve been drawn to in life is freedom and understanding: Freedom to see things that are different, freedom to feel, freedom to speak my voice, freedom to move my body.  I’ve been searching for understanding truths, both mine and  others’, understanding who I am inside and who I am in this world, why there is suffering and, if I am unable to alleviate it, how I can  reduce or ease it.  I seek understanding to navigate, with my own integrity and inner guidance, this world of so many demands and social pressures to be, to do, to buy.  I’ve had to learn to listen and hear what my gut, my body, is telling me, in any given situation---what I eat,  what I say “yes” to,  and what I think and do  throughout  my day. Because you are either being directed by external factors on how you live your life or you are moving from your own inner Truth. Trust me, we are who we are for a reason.  Every “right” turn, every “wrong” turn has brought me here, so I’ve begun to realize, it’s all-right!  How does this relate to bodywork? 

Healing yourself is a practice of aligning Mind, Body, Spirit.  It’s a journey of integrating the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual into every breath. It’s a promise to love and honor your Self, recognizing within that You are someone worth your time listening to and getting to know.  This is how we heal and this is how we prevent ourselves from suffering or getting hurt in the first place.