“I have been going to Abi for several years and feel she is one of the best in the area.  She is very intuitive, has a love for life, and a genuine desire to help people. Her positive energy is contagious.  Whether it is deep tissue, hot stone massage, or Thai yoga massage, I am always satisfied,  and feel refreshed and re-energized.  I highly recommend trying a session!” -TK, Cortez

"Best 90 minutes, Ever!” -RG, California

“Yesterday’s massage more than revitalized my body, it also revitalized my mind and spirit. The reiki was very interesting. I am not sure what I was supposed to feel, but I did feel warmth. I felt energy radiating from my hand to my foot. It projected lovely images to my mind: the important things in my life that bring me joy. Those are the thoughts I need to have in my mind. Not the other crap. My body felt so awesome. Massage gives you the human connection everybody needs. It nurtures the body. Coming from someone like you, your gentle spirit but firm hands, it renews me inside and out. Thank you for being in my life!! You are truly a lovely person and an amazing massage therapist!" -TK, Dolores

"Love Sprouts massages are wonderful as my body is always totally relaxed by the time I leave. Abby listens to my concerns about problem areas and knows how to work out my sore/tight muscles.  Abi is trained in several types of therapeutic massages.  After a hard day of hiking and/or skiing a Love Sprouts Massage are the best!  I am definitely going back for more massages!"-BR, Cortez

"I so look forward to each visit with Abi for a therapeutic and comforting massage.  This endearing, and caring experience is beneficial in every way possible.  After the massage, I feel lighter in both body and spirit with renewed strength to carry on." -Cortez

“Abi = healer. Abi is helping me recover from a very rough year. She is a true blessing in my life!” -CF, Cortez